Season 2 – Episode 02: “Free to Speak?”

Free to Speak?

In America, freedom of speech is a First Amendment right enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. The right to speak our mind is not only valued in the American culture but expected in our liberal democratic society where voices are votes. The American electoral process expects it, and American citizens demand it.

But what happens when the culture and society in which you grew up devalue or demean free speech?

In this Episode #2 “Free to Speak?” we interview Chinese and Americans who have reflected on their cultural identity and their right to speak, after watching a controversial speech by Chinese student Shuping Yang at the University of Maryland.

As Chinese in America, how freely can you speak? Who tries to silence you?
Leanne Fan and Karen Su joined me for a studio conversation. Listen to “Free to Speak?”

We have permission by Mitch Hanley to use an except of his song “Heroin.” Thanks Mitch!

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