Season 2 – Episode 03: She Has Overcome Part 1: “Breaking Barriers”

She Has Overcome Part 1: “Breaking Barriers”

What would you do when you hit a storm in the middle of climbing to the mountain top?  Would you stop? Would you keep going?
She would keep climbing. Why?

What would you do when your parents want you to marry a doctor or a lawyer, go to Harvard or Stanford?

She would rebel. She would choose a different path, become an army officer and an entrepreneur. How? Who is she?

She is Kimberly Jung – CEO/Founder of Rumi Spice.  

Kimberly shares the story of her becoming brave, transcending barriers and making tough choices at different crossroads in her life.

Listen to Part 1 of my interview with Kimberly Jung in Episode #3  She Has Overcome Part 1: “Breaking Barriers.”

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