Season 2 – Episode 01: “Are you Chinese?”

Are You Chinese?

It sounds like a simple question. But why would someone ask it? And what makes it difficult for someone to answer it?

Eric Liao, our blogger/podcast intern at One in a Billion, started writing a blog about this question a month ago. When I first read it, it overwhelmed me with provocative ideas and perplexing analogies, and many of the underlying sentiments turn out to resonate with many young Asians in America. So we decided to turn that unfinished blog into a full-fledged podcast.

“Are you Chinese?” is not a simple question, as we’ve discovered after interviewing Eric and listening to dozens of Chinese and non-Chinese in America. It challenges their sense of belonging and individuality. Now, they’re speaking out.

Their experiences tell a story of our common struggle when we’re in our 20s – our struggle to establish our identity and individuality, and our search for belonging.

Listen to Eric’s story in “Are You Chinese?”


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